New Golf Ball Brand Created

A client came to me and explained they needed a new golf ball brand.

They had been trying to come up with a name themselves for weeks. They wanted a name that sounded futuristic or technology-related and targeted middle-aged women golfers.

They wanted to register it as a trademark, so it had to be unique.

The brand name had to be less than 8 characters, as that’s all they could fit on a ball.

Their target market were women who aren’t professional, but also not beginners.   

I thought about it for 2 minutes and said, “Zemipro”.

It sounds like Semi-pro (your target market’s level).

It uses a “Z” which is common in golf brands, Zs Xs Ys are used often.

And I suggested they could make the balls bright pink. To stand out and be easily visible on the golf course.

What my client’s marketing team had been stuck on for weeks was solved in 2 minutes.

It took two minutes because I play golf and know the other brands.

I understood from a users perspective the challenge of finding your ball when you hit it off the fairway, so I knew pink would be useful.

I’ve also been naming brands for years and know what’s important in a brand name.

The CEO was so shocked that he said, “Yes it’s pretty good, I like it. Come up with a few more names and I will take them to the board.”

So I spent 30 minutes and came up with other options to satisfy my client and his board. In the end they chose Zemipro.

The lawyers started the paperwork to register it the next day.

Next, we worked together to create a logo for the brand and come up with the packaging design.

Results branding golf ball

Sometimes, you just need somebody else to look at your problem, someone with a creative mind who can come up with solutions on the spot.

Coming up with good ideas is so natural for me, it’s an unfair advantage.

Let me be your unfair advantage and help you with your internet marketing strategy and branding. What takes others weeks, we can solve in minutes together.