TripAdvisor UK – How to Find the Best Hotels

Find the best hotels using TripAdvisor UK,, Agoda, Airbnb or Hostelworld depending on your budget. However, if the hotel has great reviews it is usually for a reason.

How to find the best hotels and accommodation

TripAdvisor UK

When using TripAdvisor UK focus on the reviews to find the best hotels and look for what matters to you, is it too noisy? The hotel won’t mention that in their marketing.

The reviews which have the most value are the people who give the place a medium review and say what they disliked and liked. Ignore the five-star reviews, these don’t give much value to you as a customer. Saying everything was perfect is a good sign, but doesn’t highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a place. Also, the people who give the place a terrible review are to be taken with a grain of salt. They may have personally had a bad time due to one thing going wrong, but that might not be the hotel’s fault or it may be a one-off incident.

I listen to how people rate the wifi and if there are any extra fees or taxes to pay. What is the breakfast, and is it worth getting up for? How noisy is the place, how far from the centre is it? Any complaints about construction/renovation going on in the last week either in the place or nearby.

Don’t put such emphasis on photos of the hotel, maybe they are from seven years ago or Photoshop specials! Customer photos tell the truth.

The things I read from the hotel are the address and rules like the breakfast or pool closing time. The rest is subjective and written by someone trying to market to you and better read the reviews from customers who have nothing to gain.

The five-star hotel might not have been renovated for many years. Instead, consider reviews to be the new stars and nothing beats lots of recent reviews!

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Find the Best Hotels

I personally prefer Airbnb, I get a more local experience, with many added benefits that a hotel doesn’t have. I may meet the owner and have a drink with them or just pick their brains for local knowledge.

For renting an apartment long-term Airbnb is also a good option as you can pay by credit card and rack up your credit card points which you can later use for travelling.

Firstly, if you haven’t tried Airbnb, I highly recommend it for your next trip. Sign up and travel on Airbnb and get £13 or US$20 in travel credit, click here.

Additionally, see this article to learn more about the best way to pay on Airbnb and manage money for travel.

Finally written from my great Airbnb apartment in Hiroshima, Japan (renovated 5 weeks ago!) See this to learn more about Japanese Culture Intro and Tokyo Travel Tips.

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How to find the best hotels and accommodation on Tripadvisor UK


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