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I try not to write the same travel tips that other travel bloggers are writing, or that are easily found online. The tips I write will be useful to even the most seasoned traveller and not just for people embarking on their first big trip. These will help you plan your next trip and become a better traveller by jumping to expert level and skipping all the mistakes tourists and travellers normally make along the way.

Travel Tips

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Planning your Next Trip?

One of the benefits of being a frequent traveller and writing about it is that you become a fountain of knowledge for people who travel less frequently. I’m flattered to be considered a travel expert or the most travelled person that someone knows. I’m happy to share what I have learned so email me or contact me on Social Media.


Finally, for an interesting read about Japan my favourite country out of all the places I have been:

If you need inspiration for destinations you can have a look at my Instagram pictures of beautiful places where I mention the location in the description so you can easily get ideas and find where in the world they are @fshenstone

Such as this one from Sveti Stefan in Montenegro!

Travel Tips Instagram photo @fshenstone