Travel Photography Tips

A few travel photography tips to help you get better travel photos. This is also a technique that can be applied to learning any new skill.

Better Travel Photos Tips

I like learning new things fast, I don’t want to study photography for hours from a book, I just want a few simple lessons to help me get better travel photos. Well aside from Photoshop and using filters to enhance the photo, it is important to get a great photo to begin with.

To get better travel photos you should learn from the professionals, and that is what I have done. I am no pro, I just like taking good photos on my travels and share some on Instagram.

Travel Photography Tips #1

The fastest way to get better photos of yourself is to start taking fewer selfies. I haven’t yet seen a selfie in Conde Nast, Vogue or any other great magazine.

Instead of taking a selfie, if there is someone around ask them to take a photo of you. If there are lots of people around, choose the person with the biggest camera to take your photo.

Definitely don’t ask the person who doesn’t have a camera, because this is when you need to start explaining how to use your camera and how you would like them to take a photo.

Travel Photos from the Best

You should ask the person with the biggest camera because they:

  • know how to use your camera and take a great photo.
  • will be happy to take multiple photos as they love taking photos.
  • won’t run away with your camera as they already have a more expensive one.

Travel Photography Tips for Landscape and Architecture

For taking photos of architecture, landscapes or anything other than people, I watch what the experts do and imitate them. By experts, I mean people with big cameras and tripods that have found the perfect angle to take a photo. You can go and stand next to them and get the same great angle of Big Ben for example.

Stand nearby and watch how they frame the picture (what they include or omit from the picture). Then you not only have the same great angle but what to include and exclude from the photo.

Fundamental Travel Photography Tips

A basic point is the importance of using a tripod or resting your camera on a ledge, a wall, anything to make yourself more stable.

This is especially true at night-time or in low light conditions, once you have something to rest your camera on you can use the timer so that the camera doesn’t move when you press the shutter button.

Learning New Skills

Watch what the experts do, try to get close to them and then imitate what they do. This is the fastest way to go from beginner to the next level in anything.

Even better would be if you can talk to the expert, but sometimes they may not be the best at explaining what you need to do, so instead work on your observation skills and try to see what they do differently and ask yourself why.

I used this strategy on my tennis by recording my serve on video and then comparing it in slow motion to a video of Roger Federer’s from YouTube. This shows me what I am doing wrong and what areas I need to improve. Then I can repeat this process again and hopefully see how my technique has improved 🙂

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