Top 10 Things I Always Pack for Travel

Here is a list of the top 10 things I always pack for travel. Your packing list will depend on the type of trip and your budget, but this will be helpful regardless. I explain what I always pack and why:

10 things i always pack for travel - FRASHEN

Top 10 Things I Always Pack for Travel



I listen to music and podcasts, this blocks out the background noise and makes my journey more pleasurable and productive. If you want to learn more about podcasts read Great Podcasts that will change your life.

Airline Headphone Adapter

This lets me plug my headphones into the airline’s old two-pronged design. I don’t have to wait to be given a crappy headset by the airline and can use my ear buds instead. Also, works on luxury coaches if you are taking a long ride. I store my adapter in a tin along with my small electronics like a USB drive and Micro SD Card adapter.

Eye Mask and Earplugs

My eye mask is essential, I take it on flights and use it when staying in rooms that aren’t dark enough to get better nights sleep along with earplugs if it is too noisy.


The most compact pair of footwear I own, yet the most adaptable. Use them for slippers, the beach, walking, the shower, or even as a door wedge! The door wedge is a safety precaution if you want to make sure nobody can open your door at night just wedge your flip-flops underneath.

Swim Shorts

These simple blue shorts can be used as normal shorts as they have pockets, for swimming or playing sports. You never know when you will get an invite to the hot tub party or a random game of football!

Plug Adapter

Get one with 2 or more USB sockets on it, enabling you to charge more devices from just one adapter.


A small padlock is useful in hostels and also for locking the zips on a bag together. Combination lock or with a key depending on how good you are at remembering numbers and not losing keys.

Ultra-Light Down Jacket

This very light and thin jacket keeps me warm on long flights or doubles as a pillow because it folds up into a nice little sack.

For what to wear see How to pack like a pro for your next flight.


A small Sony camera that can take a picture within one second of pushing the power button, since I don’t miss the great photo taking opportunities. Also by not using my phone, I make my phone less likely to hit the floor and don’t use as much battery. See Tips for better travel photos


All the apps I have on my phone make travel and life easier. I have an inexpensive android smartphone, I take it everywhere. If my phone gets stolen or broken I just buy a new one because it costs a 5th the price of the latest iPhone. See a list of my articles about these apps and other useful info in tech tips

Bonus Item for Travel

If I were getting a power bank the coolest one I know is the size of a credit card.

I don’t need a power bank because all my devices are separate. Rather than draining my phone battery to play music or take pictures, I bring an iPod and a camera. This strategy also works well if a device gets stolen, because the other two are still fine. If you rely on your iPhone for everything it is more painful when something happens to it.

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  1. Farber says:

    Great round up list.. I am so glad I found this article before I left on my trip. I am going to be taking a 12 hour flight, and I will definitely need to rest my neck. Luckily, you have added all, which adds needed support so I can rest easy and arrive refreshed. Thanks for sharing.

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