Taxi Tips for Travellers and what Taxi Apps Don’t Tell You

Taxi tips for travel are needed as taxi’s in foreign countries can often be a bad experience. Here is how to win more often. This also applies to Tuk-Tuk’s, Tricycle’s and Rickshaws and any taxi replacement that locals use in a country. There are many taxi apps, but when you can’t get an Uber this advice will come in handy.

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Safety Taxi Tips for Travel

Get a moving taxi and not a guy who walks up to you asking if you want a taxi. The drivers that want to scam you stand waiting outside their taxi. Some guys may not even have a taxi and are middlemen. The real taxi driver who you just saw dropping someone off is a safer bet.

Walk to a nice hotel and get a taxi the hotel staff call, this cuts out the scammers. The staff won’t know that you aren’t staying there.

Taxi Advice for Travel

Taxi Drivers: The Only People who don’t like Shortcuts

If the driver asks is it your first time here, he may be seeing if he can raise the price.

The driver put the meter on, but you are still scared he might drive you on the scenic route?

Just tell him your local guy friend who lives here is meeting you and he will pay the taxi fare. This makes the taxi driver think twice before overcharging as a local knows what it costs.

This works as a safety precaution making you more likely to reach your destination as the driver thinks someone is waiting. When you arrive, just say your friend texted you saying he is two minutes away and go on your way.

You can also use taxi apps to track your taxi’s progress, read more about the three best free travel map apps

Get Airport Taxi’s Faster

If there is a long taxi queue, go to Departures and jump in a taxi after it drops someone off.

Try not to make a big spectacle by putting your arm up, just make eye contact with the driver and get straight in the back of the taxi. The driver will be glad to avoid the long line to wait for another customer. This is a bit cheeky but it can be a lifesaver.

Taxi Tips for Negotiating with Taxi Drivers

I hate getting hassle from taxi drivers when I arrive somewhere new. I have gone to the busy main road as the airport taxies wouldn’t use the meter.

Don’t let taxi drivers intimidate you, I was swarmed many a time by taxi drivers when arriving at a train station or bus terminal. I have seen a fight break out between three taxi drivers who were fighting for my business!

Just say ‘No’ and walk past them, keeping a firm grip on your luggage. Go sit on a bench for 10 minutes, ignore all the offers, then survey the situation and pick which taxi driver you want and approach him. Just because you said No a minute ago doesn’t mean you can’t then turn around and say Yes.

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  1. Morgan says:

    These are good pointers! Transportation expenses can really add up quickly when you’re abroad, so it’s a good idea to to take measures to save whenever possible. Nice tips! Thanks for the advice!

  2. Airport Cyprus Taxi says:

    thanks for the tips! one more is to book a taxi in advance online rather than taking one from the airport when you arrive there.

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