Send Large Files Free upto 100GB – Transfer, Share and Track

Send large files free like videos or folders of high-quality photos up to 100GB in size. I have added multiple options so you can choose which best suits your needs.

send large files free 100GB

Send Large Files Free

Whether you are sending a file to a friend or a client, there is an option for you. All of the below services are free and offer higher end services with additional features for professional and business users. These websites are for sharing a file that is on your computer or in the cloud.

No downloading of software is needed unless you want to regularly send large files free for business or regular personal use. Simply go to the website and start uploading and transferring your files. Once the upload is complete, the link you will be given can be added to an email and sent to the person that should have access to the file. The recipient can easily download the file without having to install any software on their computer.

I haven’t tested the speed of the transfer, but for me, these have all worked well and since they are free I can’t complain! Let me know your experience or how you send large files.

UploadFiles send files up to 100GB, the link expires in 30 days and it’s free.


Filemail send files up to 30GB, the link expires in 7 days and it’s free.


GetSync free with no file size limits. Requires downloading the application to your computer. Works more like a cloud storage service where you share a folder with another person. This is better for teams and especially businesses who will be sending files regularly.

Free Cloud Storage Services

If you also want to backup or store files and not send them to other people, I recommend you read the list of services I wrote about which has links to 100GB Free Cloud Storage Space Services

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