Secret Cheap Flight Deals

Everyone likes cheap flight deals, especially secret ones! 

secret cheap flight deals airfare

Cheap Flight Deals

Find cheap flight deals and ideas for your next trip on – airfare promotions, airline typos on bookings where the airline typed $100 instead of $1000 for the airfare!

This website is a great resource if you are flexible with the destination you want to fly to. This is a secret website that frequent travellers use and has been passed from one fellow traveller to another. I am telling you about this resource as I want to help people fly for less.

The airfare deals listed on this website can be found on Kayak or other flight search engines, but for example, you would not know that flying from Los Angeles to Prague, Czech Republic is a special deal for US$355 return rather than anywhere else in Europe.

Combining cheap flight deals from different airlines

Another great way to get more benefit from this website is to use it in combination with my How to save 50 percent on airfares. Although this in only doable if you are flexible with your travel dates and don’t fly directly.

Cheap Flight Deals and Error Fares?

Error fares are cheap flight deals entered incorrectly with a typo, but are still valid. These deals sell fast, so you need to be ready to act quickly once you find one. Just like in the States if you see something in a shop marked with the wrong price, the shop has to sell you this item at that lower price, the same applies to airfares.

Seize the day and find cheap flight deals on your next international flights.

Before you fly don’t forget these best travel tips, the most important travel tips I tell everyone travelling internationally.

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