Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer for Travel

Here is how to make your phone battery last longer while travelling and some creative places to find extra power.

How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer for Travel

The simplest way is to buy a battery pack or just don’t do anything fun on your phone. However, these tips will help make your tablet or phone battery last longer.

Only Use What You Need

Turn your screen brightness down to half or less. This will make your phone last twice as long as it normally does when you use it.

The more apps you have running, the faster your phone or tablet will drain. Turn off those background apps you aren’t using.

Turn off data and wifi when you don’t need them so your phone isn’t constantly trying to find the nearest cell phone tower or wifi network. There are free map apps that run without data or wifi, read the Best Free Travel Map Apps

GPS can also be turned off when not needed for maps.

Change your background/screensaver to a darker image. The brighter it is the more power it drains. Mine is a night sky view of the (Northern Lights) which is green on a dark starry night sky background (No blue).

I also like doing this because then when I check my phone before bed I am not bombarded with lots of bright light which according to studies, blue light is what keeps us awake and fools our bodies into thinking it is daytime instead of nighttime. So it is good practice to limit the amount of blue light you absorb an hour or so before you go to sleep. This also applies to getting over jet lag.

Power Saving Tips

Bluetooth should be turned off to save a bit more battery juice.

Shorten the screen timeout, so your screen doesn’t stay on for a minute after you lock your phone.

Turn off auto update for apps – Take control of your phone instead of letting it control you! You probably don’t need the latest version of each app on your phone. I update my apps when an app tells me this version is no longer supported and it is time to update!

Setting your phone to vibrate uses more battery power than a ringtone.

Finding USB Ports for Phone Battery

You can find USB ports in unusual places which can charge your phone. USB ports have the added benefit of not needing an adaptor for the plug socket when travelling in foreign countries.

My favourite location is behind TV’s, they usually have a USB port where you can plug your phone in. Nobody thinks to look behind the TV. I have left my phone charging there discreetly in restaurant’s and bar’s where it is unlikely to get stolen. Do this in your hotel room behind the TV also.

During long haul flights the seat in front of you will usually have a USB port somewhere near the screen.

Laptops have USB ports and some can power devices while switched off via an active USB port.

Buy plug adaptors with multiple USB ports. I have one world adaptor that has 2 USB ports on it and I have seen some with 4.

Finding Sources of Power

For traditional plugs in places like airports, think like a cleaner. Buildings usually have plug sockets that are for the cleaner to plug the hoover into. If you start searching for these you will find them everywhere as all buildings need cleaning.

For hotel rooms, you can charge devices while you are out by putting anything shaped like a credit card in the card slot near the door, I use an old library card. This keeps the power on as some hotels turn off the sockets when a card isn’t inserted in the card holder.

Read this article for more hotel travel tips.

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