Who Else Wants Internet Marketing Superpowers?

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Use Your Internet Marketing Superpowers for Good

Automatically do things while you sleep with your Internet marketing superpowers like:

1. Save new Facebook photos you are tagged in to Dropbox
2. Save new Instagram photos to Dropbox
3. Email me my new iphone photos
4. When a new ebook is added to Kindle Top Free 100 eBooks send me an email
5. Download new Soundcloud music you like to Google Drive

Well IFTTT (IF This Then That) and Zapier give you these Internet superpowers. These services connect your apps so they can talk to one another and work together automatically. These tools are really useful and enable you to create processes for your business or just for fun.

Some of the Things I use my Internet Marketing Superpowers For

1. Saving any Instagram photos I like to Dropbox
2. Building a Twitter list of everyone who uses a specific hashtag on Twitter.
3. Logging anyone who tweets or posts an Instagram photo in a specific area to a Google spreadsheet

If this sounds too technical, don’t worry, I downloaded this app a couple of years ago when it first came out as it sounded cool, but i didn’t know what to actually use it for.

Today the app comes with many pre-built ‘recipes’ as they are called from other users who have done the leg work already.

To get the full benefit of this app you need to already be using 100GB free cloud storage space services and other cool apps like Pocket. Pocket saves articles for reading later offline like on an airplane. Pocket is easy to use and downloads the full article into an easy reading format.

Zapier App

Zapier is the next level above IFTTT it allows you to create multi-step processes. However, it only has a 14-day free trial so I suggest IFTTT first and then if you still want more, try Zapier. This is especially good for people running businesses or wanting to automate processes for work.

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