How to Save 50 percent on Airfares

Using this technique you can save 50 percent on airfares and sometimes even more!

How to Save 50 percent on Airfares

How did I find a flight from Costa Rica to London booked only 2 days in advance and right before Christmas for less than US$600 (£400)?

Save 50 percent on Airfares

On Dec 20th while sat in the Capital of Costa Rica, San José soaking up the sunshine, I decided I wanted to go to London for Christmas and see my family.

The cheapest airfare I found leaving before Christmas was on Dec 22nd from San José to London for US$1300 on Skyscanner. A bit pricey, so instead I did some research and found that connecting in Florida would save me $700. More than 50 percent off the lowest airfare I found on comparison websites!

I flew a budget airline (Spirit) from San José to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $138 and a flight from Florida to London for $460. I had a five hour connection time in the airport to play it safe in my mind — I live dangerously. My flight was delayed two hours, which left me three hours to go through US immigration and get to the gate, plenty of time.

Save Money on your Next Airfare

Firstly, make your own destiny and create your itinerary instead of accepting what Skyscanner gives as the cheapest option.

Secondly, choose to break your trip in another city and spend some time there or just connect flights. Fly two airlines with the best airfares, and use low-cost airlines that only fly short distances.

Finally, you risk missing a connection, so maybe spend a night in the connecting city.

An example is from London to Buenos Aires, Argentina – you could connect in Madrid or Rome. Flights are cheaper from Madrid or Rome to Buenos Aires, because it is a popular route. Probably because Argentinians have relatives in these countries.

How to Find Which City to Connect in?

Check where Skyscanner is sending you and think of what are the most popular connecting cities that a budget airline flies to from your home or destination. Alternatively just pick the place you most want to visit that is geographically somewhere in-between from Google maps.

If you read my article about secret cheap flight deals the website mentioned has great flight deals listed. This makes it easier if you don’t live in an international flight hub city like London.

To conclude, sometimes flying direct is better, but it’s nice to know about this option too.

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