Hotel Travel Tips

Here are a few hotel travel tips to make your stay more pleasant.


Hotel Travel Tips for Upgrades

Upgrades are given if you ask for them if you don’t ask you have no chance of getting an upgrade. Hotel rooms are a perishable product and as the end of the day nears, empty rooms become less likely to fetch the full price. The magic time is 6 pm when hotels pass on their leftover rooms for the night to other companies to sell.

Arriving late is an advantage for negotiating the price if you haven’t booked already. If you have booked the hotel you are more likely to get an upgrade.

Hotel rooms can vary greatly even though they are the same price, ask to see a few rooms. This can’t hurt and usually means you don’t automatically get the worst room available, which is what the hotel gives to the people who don’t ask to see a room.

For couples, if you mention that you are celebrating an anniversary at check-in you may get a bottle of bubbly or even an upgrade!

No Harm in Asking Policy

There are many things that hotels have that you can get simply by asking. Smile and ask for a free breakfast or a free upgrade.

People leave all kinds of things at hotels, need a phone charger or an adapter, reception probably has one that you can borrow. Need an umbrella or want some dishes and cutlery? Ask and you shall receive.

Need a late check-out free? Extending from midday to 1 pm is easy, 2 pm is possible and even 3 pm sometimes. At some hotels, you can even book half a day instead of a full day. This can be negotiated beforehand or simply asked for at 11 am on check out day.

Email or Call the Hotel Directly

Once you know the best rate online, email the hotel directly or call and ask what deal you can get. If you call or email directly especially to smaller hotels you can get the best rate possible. By booking directly the hotel doesn’t have to pay any fee to third-party booking companies who charge 15% – 25%.

If staying for over a week you can get a discount especially if you don’t need the room cleaned each day.

If you arrive early or need to leave late, you can leave your bags with the reception and still use the facilities like the pool, or the shower in the pool changing rooms.

Key Card Hotel Travel Tips

Put any card shaped object like a business card in the card holder to keep the power on. This is useful to keep the air conditioning on in your room, so you have a cool room to come back to or to keep the sockets on to charge electronics.

Use the do not disturb card on your door, do this while you are out so nobody finds your electronics.

Take advantage of the USB charging socket on the back of the TV to charge your electronics. This is great if you don’t have enough plug adapters to charge all your devices at the same time. It is also a safe place to leave electronics, cleaners don’t go behind there and neither do thieves.

To discover the best hotels for your next trip read about how to find the best hotels and accommodation.

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4 Responses

  1. Annie Frances says:

    I didn’t know that it could be so easy to get a phone charger at a hotel. I like my accommodations to be nice and clean. I will call the hotel directly next time I book accommodations too. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Justin Knox says:

    This is great because my family and I are going to traveling soon and need to find a hotel. I had not realized that we may get better results by calling the hotel directly. Do you think that is the most sure way to be aware of any current deals on hotel rooms?

  3. Francis Shenstone says:

    Hi Justin, Yes, it is the best way. The hotel will at least match any online deals and it will actually give more money to the hotel and less to booking companies.

  4. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to not be afraid to ask things when at a hotel. I haven’t done much traveling, but my husband and I are planning on going on a big trip this fall. We’re going to be staying at a hotel, so we’ll definitely keep in mind that it’s best to ask because the worst they can say is no. Thanks for the great post!

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