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Holiday weather is one of the reasons I travel. I love the sunshine and need Vitamin D in my life like most people. Because of my sun-seeking habits, I am driven to research how the climate is around the world and then plan where to go when. Late Spring, early autumn and summer are my preferred seasons.

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Weather Affects Prices

Prices for flights and accommodation vary based on the season. High season can be because of the weather, the school holidays, events and festivals or any combination of these.

Having time freedom will save you money, the more flexible you are the better travel deals you can get. Travelling just before or after high season can make a massive price difference to your holiday. Prices can double, triple or even quadruple in high season. During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, accommodation prices are four times as expensive!

Going in low season can also mean that all the restaurants are closed in some places so it pays to know your destination and what is going on there when you plan to visit. I suggest a Google search with your destination and month like “London in August” as a good starting point for finding info.

Best Time to Go for the Best Holiday Weather

You can see and compare the weather in holiday destinations on weather2travel. This website has great information for researching where to go when.

Find the latest travel deals and discounts by airlines and travel companies like Virgin Atlantic, BA and Thomas Cook. This way you don’t have to sign up for the email newsletter from every airline, you can just visit this site when you want to see the current deals.

Destination Finder – Search by Weather

Weatherbase a website for researching weather and finding things like the average number of rainy days in August for London is 9 (Quite depressing!)

The site gives detailed climate guides and forecasts for holiday destinations around the globe.

Time Around the World

TimeandDate See world temperatures and weather as well as the time in over a hundred cities at once. Great for seeing weather and time around the globe for your next holiday at a glance.

World Time Buddy is my favourite free app for seeing up to four time zones on the same screen in a simple format. Great for while you are travelling or working with people in different time zones. They also have a widget for your desktop.

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