Free Travel Planning Tools

These free travel planning tools will help you simplify the research for your next trip or decide upon a destination. Unlike a chunky guide-book, they have all the essential travel information available in one place at a glance for thousands of cities and countries.

Free Travel Planning Tools

Free Travel Planning Tools

When you find a cheap flight but don’t know about the destination you can quickly answer all of those important questions you have.

These websites give a quick overview of the country / city and then enable you to dig deeper. The first website is a meta tool which pulls information from lots of other data sources into one place. So instead of me telling you about 20 different websites, some which you have already heard of, I can just give you this and you can discover the new tools for yourself within it.

Tripsak is for independent travelers to research destinations. Rather than spending hours online Googling a location and reading blogs and travel forums, this resource puts all the best info in one place. This tool is a great time saver highlighting what you need to know and where to find it easily.

If you were looking at visiting Bangkok, Thailand this tool gathers Bangkok’s high season months and weather. Then it links to travel guides, hotels prices, flight prices. The site even has visa requirements, the most famous attractions, any events going on. As if that weren’t enough, it also contains useful phrases, local sim cards and more!

Basetrip This new site has a simple format for mobile and is a great reference site.

The unique features Basetrip has are: Electricity socket types, emergency contact info for lost credit cards, local emergency numbers and local embassy contact info for your country.

The website gives health insurance, vaccination requirements and normal working hours.

More in depth info like phone area codes and the cost of living are also shown. The site even gives an idea of average Internet speeds, perfect for digital nomads.

Read Becoming a Digital Nomad to learn what one is.

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