100GB Free Cloud Storage Space Services

Free Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage Space

100GB free cloud storage space enables me to share and collaborate on files easily, I can access files from any device anywhere while travelling, I can quickly backup photos, videos and music.

Here is how I use Degoo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Snapchat to save photos and files while travelling plus some links for extra free space.

All these services require an email address, if you have multiple emails you can sign up with each one and get more storage space.

100GB Free Cloud Storage: Degoo

100GB Free cloud storage space and 3GB extra free with this link so 103GB Get Degoo. You can send files up to 1GB to people who don’t have a Degoo account.

If you need to transfer larger files and folders, you can read about these services to send large files free up to 100GB


If you have never tried Dropbox you should give it a try, it’s free and easy to use. I use it mostly for sharing files between my phone and my laptop, sending large files to other people, collaborating on and editing documents.

Dropbox is free to sign up and by clicking here you get the standard 2GB free storage plus an extra 500mb free bonus. Only works when you first sign up or use a different email address.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15GB free storage through a Gmail email address. The 15GB is the total space Google gives out, so it also includes your email, attachments and photos that you save, so it is not the same as other services where you can start with a blank slate.


Box gives you 10GB free and a 250MB file size limit, it has the added function of being more business oriented. Box has options like password protection so you can send a link to someone but they still need the password to get access to the files. There are also more options around the level of access that you grant users and collaborators with multiple categories available.


Snapchat is an app for sharing pics and videos, that disappear after a set period of time like 10 seconds or 24 hours. You probably never thought of Snapchat as a tool, but you can easily edit photos, by drawing on them or adding text. I use this for highlighting errors in screenshots and to collaborate on design edits from my phone.

Also if your phone is full, you can still store around 1500 photos on Snapchat! Great for travelling if you are out for the day and have no more space on your phone. This is because Snapchat uses cloud storage yet it still conveniently adds the photos in your phone’s photo gallery.

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