Becoming a Digital Nomad

Becoming a Digital Nomad in London is not common. Even being a Digital Nomad for many years, people avoid London as a place to live! A new digital nomad will go somewhere like Thailand where it is cheap to live, nice weather and acceptable wifi.

Young travellers when they begin aim to check off as many countries as possible from their bucket list. This is where the seed gets planted of wanting to become a digital nomad rather than just a traveller.

Digital Nomad

After perpetually travelling for a few years and collecting passport stamps from many countries people learn that they can move around a bit slower. Travellers can take the time to enjoy the places they visit and soak up the culture. By mingling with the locals more you can experience a place and not be in a constant state of flux.

Digital Nomad’s also experience this learning curve, like the honeymoon phase in a relationship, it’s great at the beginning, but not sustainable or desirable for a decade.

Digital Nomad Blog

The next step is starting a digital nomad blog, travel blog or another type of blogger. Although this won’t earn you money immediately, it does help increase your digital skills. Online skills are important for a digital nomad as we live in a world viewed through social media.

Many new Digital Nomads jump into becoming a blogger, online marketer or a consulting business where they are the focus. Living in a low-cost place to extend your runway makes sense to give yourself the best chance at getting your new fledgling business off the ground.

London Digital Nomad Lifestyle Business

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Once the money starts coming in and the Digital Nomad has a team behind them the business can run without their constant involvement then they reach a new level of freedom. This level brings not only location independence but more control of your time. This lifestyle business stage is the goal for many, where you have passive income streams set up that take care of bills and add some money to the savings account while maintaining a work life balance.

This journey takes time and unlike the overnight success stories that we read about in the news there is usually a lot of hard work involved to get to this stage which goes on behind the scenes.

Digital Nomad’s in London tend to fit more into the class of people who are experienced at the game. They have travelled around the world, soaked up other cultures, enjoyed the lifestyle and have come back to be closer to family and friends.

People don’t move to London for the weather. People also don’t move to London because it is cheap or affordable as it is neither!

Tools for Digital Nomads

This Digital Nomad Tool shows the cost of living in different cities around the world.

London is a great hub for travelling, and a good base of operations for the more established successful Digital Nomad. What’s the point in having access to so many world-class events in London if you can’t afford any? The glamorous lifestyle of concerts, theater and fine dining all come at a price.

Well if you are coming to London, passing through or live here I’m happy to meet whether virtually or physically. Find me on social media and let’s enjoy London together.

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