Different Cultures Around the World

For visiting foreign countries, the different cultures around the world are important to know about. Even for understanding friends and people from other countries, the resources I am going to tell you about are very helpful.


Understand Different Cultures Around the World

Etiquette is a list of rules or codes of conduct that are socially acceptable. These differ around the world and it is good manners to have some education about what the cultural etiquette is in a country you are visiting. More importantly for business, but also for pleasure and having a more pleasant stay in a country.

Locals will be more helpful, more open and you are more likely to get what you want. People will notice that you have learned some of the basic etiquette and are not like other foreigners. Using the right etiquette will make people more comfortable around you and will also make your transactions more efficient.


Manners and politeness also go a great way in showing that you respect other people’s customs and cultures. Some of the most basic things like how to introduce someone to another person. These are skills that are easy to learn and can greatly help in life and your dealings with other people.

Simple things like not interrupting others while they are talking can make you immediately more likeable.

Tipping in Different Cultures Around the World

For a brief overview on tipping around the world see this.

Country Profiles

These guides cover 80 countries in detail from around the world. They describe in detail the customs of a country, the protocols for business and personal greetings and meetings. Included are, gift giving and many other informative topics which help you better understand people of different countries.

These resources are much more in depth and are better if you intend to do business or meet someone in a different country.

If you plan to move to another country or have a girlfriend / boyfirend from another country, this will help you understand the differences in custom. I had a read of the British guide and one of the points I liked was the ‘don’t eat with your mouth open!’ There are quite a few interesting and funny points in the guides as well.

In Depth Country Guides

Dining rules and also body language for the modern adventurer to explore different cultures around the world.

Cultural Etiquette Guides

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