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Travelling to lots of new cities means constantly researching what sights to see, asking for recommendations and reading blogs. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone put all this info in one place, like a guidebook, but free and better with info and a city walking route planner for many different types of travellers — whether you like museums, architecture, nightlife or nature.

Well I want to share a great resource that shows a free walking route in 500 cities around the world.

city walking route planner Frashen.com

I discovered this useful tool for helping me find cool things in a city. The website has many links to great blogs about hundreds of cities to see famous sights and hidden gems. This saves me so much time in researching what to see in a new city.

I read the London section and discovered some new places and a cool walking route, so it’s also useful for your hometown.

GPSmyCity – Walking Route Planner

GPSmyCity website has the walking route that you can browse for free, you just don’t get the GPS guided tour with step by step directions on your phone. I actually prefer the website as I don’t want to download another app. I have free map apps for directions, to learn about them read Three Best Free Map Apps.

The website also has an app that you can download with GPS guided walks to see the best of the city. The app is free and works offline so no roaming or data needed. There is an upgrade option for US $5 to see more details and stop ads.

GPSmyCity is quite new, I hope more cities are added, especially on Android which has less than the Iphone version.

Walking Route Planner Guidebooks

For the traditional way of discovering a city, I like Lonely Planet guidebooks which you probably know about. They also have a travel forum called Thorntree where you can ask questions and people will give you free advice.

The same questions get repeated, see where people recommend going and how many nights to spend in each place. There are example itineraries that people have come up with and then useful comments from locals and other travellers.

I get info from TripAdvisor – usually, I do a Google search like “How many days in Brussels” and a relevant TripAdvisor topic will come up.

Over the years I am fortunate enough to have built up a network of friends that like to travel and have been to many places, ask Facebook friends.

I ask for advice and I also share lots of free advice, so feel free to ask me travel advice. Email works best for me 🙂 If you don’t have my email, join my weekly email and then you will!

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