Best Travel Tips You Have Never Heard Before

The best travel tips I have ever heard and the first travel tip I tell people when I find out that they are going travelling is: Help people to help you.

The Most Important Travel Tips

Travel Safety Tips

A friend recently left his passport at the airport. He had a work visa in the passport which would have been a pain to get re-done, but someone who found his passport in the airport sent him an email. While in a taxi leaving the airport, he got the email and went back to the airport.

Write your email in the address section of your passport if it isn’t there already. This will save someone a lot of hassle one day.

You can also put a sticker in your passport if you don’t have space or if your contact details have changed. A sticker is fine and you will not get into any trouble for this.

Make it easy for people to help you if they find your passport somewhere. It’s easier for someone who finds your passport to send an email to you than call an international phone number.

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Best Travel Tips for Luggage Tags

For luggage tags instead of writing your home address, write your email address and name. Then when your bag is found the right people can contact you about where to send the bag. Also put a card inside your luggage with your name and email so if the luggage tag gets torn off someone can contact you.

You can even put a sticker on valuable items with “email for reward” like your laptop and camera. A friend did this on his camera and got an email from a bus driver who found his camera after he left it on the bus. He gave the driver $20 dollars and they both left happy.

This idea also applies to many things in life as people are lazy; lower the number of steps a person needs to take to help you. Doing this shows you respect someone else’s time and have also put some effort in yourself to deserve help.

I write my email address in my diary as it has so much valuable information to me personally.

Put a sticker inside your phone case, or put your email in small writing on your lock screen picture.

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