Best Motivational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs that will Change Your Life

I love great podcasts because they give such useful information which helps me grow and learn new things and best of all — they are free. Here is my list of the best motivational podcasts.Great Podcasts


Podcasts are like radio shows, but you can download them and play them anytime while on the go.

I use them to block out the background noise while on public transport and make my commuting travel time more productive and enjoyable. Waiting in airports or even in line at the grocery store are more fun thanks to podcasts.

Here are the ones I like the most starting with the easiest to listen to and going to the more niche ones at the end.

Best Motivational Podcasts

TED Radio Hour – Great TED talks grouped together by topic and made into a radio show, good for inspiration and new concepts.

Freakonomics Radio – Infotainment at its finest – good for looking at things in a new light and great for analytical thinking.

My Favourite Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show – The guy who wrote the 4 Hour Work Week, he interviews world-class performers in many fields to learn practical tips you can use from them. This is actually my favourite podcast and I love it.

Reading Tim’s first book (the 4 Hour Work Week) changed my life in 2007 and I was fortunate to come across it by accident in a UK charity shop before it had even been released in the UK! The book sat on the NY Times Bestseller list for more than 4 years! In 2016 the concepts are still powerful even if not all the techniques will work today.

Re/code Decode – Interviews with interesting people usually in Tech like Huffington Post Editor and Twitter’s CEO

Seth Godin’s Startup School – A 15 episode series, probably the best business advice I have ever heard – great if you want to start a business one day or learn what an MBA teaches you.

I also listen to many more startup/business related podcasts too, which I’m happy to share if you are interested.

Do you listen to any great podcasts?

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