Best Free Twitter Tools to go Pro and get More Followers in 2017

There are many best free Twitter tools to choose from. First you might need some more followers.

My strategy to get more Twitter followers is to follow people in my desired field by searching keywords. These followers could be potential customers or people you want to connect with.

This doesn’t work for celebrities or people who get 1,000 new followers per day as they won’t notice. This technique works with people who have fewer followers, it also works with people who use Follow4Follow or #f4f in their tweets or bio. People will follow you back, or at least check you out and consider following you back if you look interesting.

Get more twitter follwers


Best Twitter Tool for Social Media Management

There are many twitter tools out there to manage your Twitter account, my favourite is called ManageFlitter. This tool is free for basic use and has a paid version for the more serious (see here for pricing).

The Features on free and paid accounts:

Search for keywords in people’s bio’s, latest tweet and location. Add powerful filters like a range for number of followers, following or tweets.

See inactive accounts, non-English accounts, fake accounts and people’s influence score.

It is easy to unfollow people or follow people in bulk. They have a freemium model, and so far I just use the free version. There is a limit of 100 unfollows and 50 follows per day on the free version.

Sign up with this link to try free and get 200 extra unfollows every day so a total limit of 300 unfollows.

There are also ways to increase your unfollow allowance to 2,000 unfollows per day after you sign up by tweeting and following the ManageFlitter account on Twitter.

Other Twitter Management Tools limit the amount of unfollows per day. This is the best free service out there at the moment for following and unfollowing. Better than Crowdfire, Statusbrew and the other popular services which charge for you to bulk unfollow. I hope this helps you get more Twitter followers.

Best Free Twitter Tools

If you aren’t interested in freebies and you want to use this great tool for your business then you can see a list of the pricing plans here.

All the following are the best free Twitter tools I have found:

If you have a WordPress blog, you should be using Revive Old Post. Once set up, it retweets your old blog posts for you automatically in a loop. I have this set to repost one of my blog posts every hour.

Next Social Jukebox allows you to create a jukebox of 300 tweets and it chooses 5 randomly and posts them each day.

Other tools you might find interesting:

Bulk Buffer – Allows you to load up Buffer with a CSV file of tweets. – Allows you to download the last 3,200 tweets from your own profile or anyone’s to a CSV file.

Tweepsmap – See the demographics of your followers

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